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The wedding limousine and its choose is a very responsible moment, consisting of the following points:

1. The limousine color has to correspond to fest.

2. The chosen automobile has to have the necessary number of seats.

3. The limousine interior has to correspond to event.

4. If you haven’t enough place near your house, you have to choose a shorter limousine.

Our automobile park has lots of limousines of different sizes. The shortest one is Lincoln town car which has 8,6 m length, and the jeep-limousine Cadillac Escalade of 9 m. These limousines have the possibility to come to the most houses of our city, but if you have lot of place near the house, you can order anyone without the necessity to think about size.

Lots of our customers consider that the more places has the limousine, the more expensive it is. That’s not so, because the price depends first of all of the limousine brand and the quantity of ordered hours.

If you have a birthday and want to celebrate it happily with your friends, pay attention to limousines with DVD system, TV sets, disco-floor, lasershow.

If you plan to meet the young mother from the maternity with a luxurious car, pay attention first of all to the limousines with climate system.