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The limousines for rent in Moldova are now more accesible due to our company! In our company you can rent the best limousine in
With the help of our first class limousines rental service, your wedding in Moldova will be unrepeatable!
The “Limousines” company exists since the year 2017, and in this term we’ve obtained all the necessary abilities for customer services, we’ve studied the city streets and interesting places, where the newlyweds can take photos.
It is good to reserve a bigger amount of rental time when you order limousine in Chisinau.  The limousines rental time can be prolonged only in case when the next order is absent.
The limousines in Moldova can be ordered following the next steps:
  1.  Choosing a limousine
  2. Signing the limousines rental contract in two examples.
  3. In contract has to be indicated the stamp of our company and all the bank requisites.
  4. Giving the avans, you have to receive a paid bill for the limousine for rent.
  5. The wedding limousine for rent
  6. If you’ve aigned the rental contract via intermediaries, in this case our company offers no guarantees.

You will get the whole range of services for limo rental. The cost of rental depends on model and term of rental of the car.

The most often reasons to order limousines by our customers are:

1. Birthdays’ limousines
2. Baptisms’ limousines
3. Hospital meetings for mothers
4. Limousines for airport meetings
5. Limousines for jubilee
6. Graduation meetings
7. Children’s birthdays
8. Limousines for business meetings
9. Limousine for wedding

There is a special offer for regular customers, transportation and tourist agencies, as well as for large reservation.
According to statistics, in year 2012 in the “Limousines” company the most popular were limousines Infiniti QX-56 produced in year 2008 and Cadillac Escalade produced in 2008. Due to their exterior design and interior lux, they are leaders today.

Limousine Cadillac Escalade 2008.
Price limousine for rent: 50 euro/hour.


Limousine Infiniti qx-56 2008.
Price rent limousine: 55 euro/hour.


Limousine Cadillac Escalade 2017.
Price: 60 euro/hour.


Limousine Hummer H-2 2006.

Price limo: 70 euro/hour.


Auto for wedding Volkswagen Passat CC “2013

Price auto: 300-350 lei/hour.



You can order the limousine 24 hours a day.

You can book a limo on the phone:

067 18-18-18

or write to our e-mail: