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Instructions for correct using

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Pay attention to all the points of the rules of limousines for rent:

1. When signing a contract of limousine for rent the customer is obliged to offer our manager all the information related to the driving route. If you plan a drive outside the city, then the gasoline cost is added to the rental price. The gasoline cost in case of city driving is included in the rental price. Sometimes our customers don’t know the driving route and drive without stations. In this case after 50 km of driving to the rental cost is added the used gasoline cost.

2. Our company offers guarantees only for the ordered quantity of hours. Initially you can ask the driver about the time prolonging.

3. The prolongation is calculated per minute. For example, your tariff is 60 euro per hour, in this case 10 minutes will cost 10 euro.

4. The customer is obliged to pay the entire amount for the limousine for rent, even in case of using partial time. The point is: for example, the customer ordered limousine for 6 hours but used only 4.

5. To ensure the walk’s safety and comfort, the limousine’s speed has not to be more than 40-50 km/hour.

6. During the photo and video session it is forbidden to stand on hood or roof.

7. It is forbidden to take out the limousine CD’s, glasses, cups.

8. It is forbidden to come into limousine with knives or other dangerous objects or weapons.

9. It is strictly forbidden to get out the windows during the limousine drive.

10. It is forbidden to take red wine, because in case of imbruing the seats, the spots can’t be eliminated.

11. It is strictly forbidden to hide the registration numbers with stickers or other objects.

12. It is forbidden to throw the garbage out the windows.

13. It is forbidden to open the sparkling wine bottles in limousine.

14. It is forbidden to burn fire.

15. It is forbidden to launch the fireworks.

16. It is forbidden to come into limo being drunk.

17. Don’t distract the driver during the walk.

18. Don’t let children without care in limousine.

19. The responsibility for caused defections is on the customers’ duty.

20. In case of technical defection, the company doesn’t take into account the time for repairs or waiting, being calculated just the fact time.

21. It is forbidden to come out the trap.