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 The wedding limousine for rent is already a tradition for Chisinau citizens. During the last years the limousines rental prices diminished radically, being now more accessible for young people. Because of that this service becomes more and more popular now.

On our website pages you have the possibility to choose any limousine for wedding. We recommend our customers to order the limousine some time before. If you like a limousine on our site, you can contact us on: 067 18-18-18 and to order it. After that our manager will invite you to see the chosen limousine and to sign the rental contract for this transportation type and service.

The “Limousines” company offers a large specter of limousines and luxury cars for the wedding escort. The most popular are: Cadillac Escalade, Infinity, Mercedes, Hummer H-2, Lincoln town car. The limousine for wedding has to be chosen according to the next points:

1. The limousine color has to be white or pearly one. We recommend you to choose a limousine of the same color as the bride’s dress is.

2. You have to choose the limousine according to the passengers you want to take aboard.

3. The limousines’ interior has to correspond to events thematic.

4. You have to take into account the fact that limousines for rent in Chisinau sometimes can not come directly to your stairs because of their length. In this case we have a perfect solution for you: we can offer you a shorter one which will be able to come to your house.

5. We recommend you to ask about the limousine decoration service offered by our company. We can decorate it with balloons, flowers, toys, bends and flowers petals.

In our experience have a very interesting and festive event. The limousine came to the indicated place and some friends put into the car approx. 50 balloons. The bridal pair who didn’t know about it, opened the doors and the balloons came out the limo and launched to the sky. Isn’t it cool?