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An exclusive super limousine was created in Netherlands.

In the Southern part of Netherlands in the provincial city Delpht was created an extraordinary electro limousine. It was presented in the year 2010 by the Delpht technical university, which is famous due to its inventions in different domains. The limousine is huge and has an extra length, taking aboard 23 passengers, and the maximal speed is limited by 250 km/h. In Holland this is called the limousine of future.


A “burning” wedding

On February 28th, 2013 in Italy on the road to Bologna-city the photo-operator was capturing the wedding of a Moldovan girl with an Italian guy. On the road took flames the cortege car decoration. In few minutes after burning the materials and artificial flowers, the fire was already in the Audi’s motor section. The driver and two chaffers escaped successfully from the burning car. The limousine and entire escort stopped at a safe distance. The firemen came to the place of accident to calm the fire. The incident had no victims and the limousine continued its road. The bride and groom will remember long time this “event”.


An accident with a wedding limousine

On the 15th of march 2013 in Ekaterinburg took place an accident in which was implicated the wedding limousine Lincoln town car. The automobile Renault crushed the rear side of the wedding limousine (its rear bumper and lighting elements. The nervous groom attacked the Renault driver and caused serious injuries. In few minutes after strike beginning, the bride calmed down the groom and the eyewitnesses were defeating the driver.


The UFO limousine

The wedding limousine of the future will be approximately like this. On the image below you can find the limousine of the future. It is like a flying plate, moving on the air. Taking into account the traffic on our roads, it can be a personal transportation moving through air (taxi limousine). Such transportation can be interesting in the 21st century (driving the aircrafts).

Moldovan programmers have rendered with digital technologies the wedding limousine Cadillac Escalade 2008 into an UFO one.