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Wedding in Moldova

For all those who are preparing to wedding in Chisinau and in Moldova we have some useful advices which will help them to make the wedding happy without any additional costs and nerves loss. Because of that, preparations have to bring you only positive emotions.

Advice №1:

The wedding is a grand event for which you have to prepare before. At least 6 months before. Don’t let things for tomorrow, because in that case all the problems will come together.

Advice №2:

You have to establish the list of invited guests. Before doing it, determine the what budget you have for wedding; how much costs the wedding dress, limousine for rent, banquet hall rent etc. Only after that you can plan the number of invited guests. Don’t forget about the photo session which also needs some money. There can be unplanned loses, for which you will need approx. 10% of the total budget.

Advice №3:

Don’t take everything on your duty. In our city are lots of wedding agencies, which have a great experience in this thing. The groom has to choose the suit, and the bride has to choose what color and length must have the dress. You can execute a plan for the wedding day and can think about the fest scenario.

Advice №4:

You have to be very serious in choosing the wedding limousine, banquet hall, photograph, and moderator. Don’t be lazy, come there and see everything with your own eyes. The banquet hall has to be comfortable for you and your guests. The places in the limousine have to be corresponding to the number of guests you plan to take at walk. Listen to those who already chosen this agency services.

Advice №5:

Signing the contract of limousine for rent, don’t forget to order wedding limousine decorations. Paying the first part you have to discuss with the manager the route of driving.

Advice №6:

Don’t let small things on ours’ duty. Such as: cake delivery, dinner for video operator and musicians. For this you have to delegate the parents, they will be very attentive.

The wedding in Moldova is a happy, funny fest.