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Taking the bride back

Since the oldest times exists this tradition. It is, as a rule, on the chauffeur’s duty. Let your fest be happy, and establish a scenario for this tradition.

The scenario can be next:

1. Invent some tricks for groom

2. When the groom will solve the tricks you have to sing funny songs or to say some poems.

3. Next, the groom has to prove his love and fidelity. As a proof can be a beautiful poem or a love song about the bride.

During the last 10 years appeared one more tradition: the groom comes to bride on a beautiful white limousine. Ordering a limousine for wedding in our company, we can help you to decorate it with artificial or natural flowers. Today it is very popular to put some toys on the capote, for example, two teddy bears dressed for wedding.

When organizing the conquest you have to take into account that it has to be funny and interesting. The duties for the taking-back have to be easy for execution. The optimal time for this process is not more than 30 minutes.

Tasks for bride taking-back:

1.   On the bride’s door are written tasks. The groom can enter only after solving them. The groom can offer money if the task are too difficult.

2.  The groom has to say poems or to sing love songs near the bride’s window.

3.  On some sticky notes can be written questions about the bride and her relatives. They can be put on stairs. For every wrong answer the groom offers money.

4. Put in an apple some matches, and let one be shorter than the others. The groom has to find the shortest one. For every long match he has to say praising words about the bride.

5. Take 3 glasses of water. In the first add some salt, in the second – sugar, and in the third – lemon juice. Offer them to the groom. Which one will choose the groom, so will be their life.

6. Write letters on the stairs to bride’s house. Stepping on a stair, the groom has to say praising words beginning with correspondent letter.

7. Cut some flowers of blue and red paper. Spread them on the stairs. Stepping on a red flower, the groom has to say praising words about the bride, stepping on blue flowers – swears. If the groom doesn’t want to swear, he can offer money.

8. The groom takes a half full glass of water. He has to add coins into it and make water touch the high edges.

9. The groom has to write with money the bride’s name.

10. On a paper are some lips imprints. The groom has to choose the bride’s ones.

11. The groom has to draw the bride on a paper sheet. Then you take the paper. Looking on the drawing, you bring an old woman and say him that this is the woman he’s drawn.

On chauffeurs’ wish they decorate the road from house to limousine with petals which can be bought in any flowers store.

Ordering a limousine in the “Limousines” company, you’ll bring a special pleasure to all those who are present on the fest.